Pricing of the RollCall-Pro System is based on choice of Software 6/1/2013
Feature RollCall-Pro 3.1 Software Version: Basic Advanced Premium
General Features:
1 Customize Board Member Names X X X
2 Set Voting Options for #1 Voting Position X X X
3 Set and Manage the Quorum Required for Meeting X X X
4 Save Voting/Meeting Results on Computer X X X
5 Options of Font size for Member Names X X
6 Display of Timer for Public Speakers X X
7 Options of Font type for Member Names X
8 Remote Keypad Control of Timer for Speakers X
9 Print any screen on command X
Options for Taking a Vote:
10 Display voting results - for each member: Y, N, A, Absent X X X
11 Display Voting Results Tally:  #Y, N, A, A X X X
12 Specify/Display the Criteria for each vote to pass X X X
13 Display Voting Results: Pass/Fail X X X
14 Automatically Disclose Votes after all locked X X X
15 Option to "Cancel a Vote" when necessary X X X
16 Clerk Able to Reset Individual Voter during Voting X X
17 Customize Voting Results Nomenclature X X
18 Option to Print Voting Results automatically X X
19 Options for Manually Disclosing Votes after all locked X X
20 Options for treatment of "Abstain Votes" in a Roll Call X
Present/Absent Features:
21 Display Present/Absent of each Member in Meeting X X X
22 Clerk can change the Present/Absent in Discussion X X X
23 Clerk able to Change Present/Absent during Voting X X
24 Members able to Change Present/Absent in Discussion X X
25 The Absent/Present Changes are time-stamped in Results X X
26 Options for treatment of "Absent" X
Request to Speak:
27 Speaker queue (members only) X X
Agenda Features:
28 Edit "Item Names" on-screen X X
29 Pre-load agenda names & details X
30 Display details during discussion/voting X
31 "Jump/Skip" agenda items X
32 Insert/Amend/Append items on-screen X
Motions & Seconds:
33 Motions initiated by clerk only X X
34 Seconds initiated by members only X X
35 Motions initiated by members or clerk X
36 Motion & 2nd both initiated by the Clerk only X
37 Results recorded in Text only X X X
38 Option to Print voting screen results after Votes X X
39 Auto Save voting screens as JPG files(Advanced,Premium-not Basic) X X
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